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Thankyou to Steve from Bathroom Reno4u and his team. They did a marvelous job of our bathroom renovation.They gave me a great quote and were extremely efficient in managing all the tradies in my home. You have made my bathroom look awesome thanks KJ  2018

Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

Providing the best renovations in the Gold Coast area

Bathroom Reno Gold Coast has everything you need, to plan and remodel your bathroom to make your place the absolute best in the neighborhood. In fact we are the guys who provide exceptional standards and craftsmanship in your designer bathroom.

Gold Coast Bathroom Renovator QLD 4226

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Bathroom Renovator 4U Gold Coast -Founder Steve Turner

Bathroom reno4U founder Steve

Bathroom Reno4U Founder Steve Turner

Bathroom Renovator 4U Gold Coast are a family owned business. Our designers have renovated many bathrooms in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, every renovation is different. There are clients that require a complete new bathroom whilst others just require a simple renovation.

Our bathroom renovator consultants are easy to work with and assist you in understanding all the technical requirements with ease.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, every renovation is different. There are clients that require a complete new bathroom whilst others just require a simple renovation.
Best bathroom renovations & new bathrooms. Over 20 years experience. Quality guaranteed.

Bathroom Reno4U interiors offer a complete interior bathroom and en suite design, additionally providing a project management service.

Find information on services and pricing by contacting us here.

  • We are are the Reno experts!
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  • Gold Coast Renovations

Its important for you as our valued client that you are assured in our professionalism. You can rest assured that your new bathroom renovations will be spacious and easy to use. Functionality is just as important as good looks.

Bathroom designs
Designer bathrooms are unique in their presentation and finish. Our Designer consultant will sit with you and plan out each detail taking into account the passion and desires of our clients ideas and concepts. These ideas and concepts are then matched with the best colours schemes, tiling and tapware to bring about the final product in the master design.

  • We do complete bathroom renovations, from grand scale designs to small bathroom design and innovation.
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  • Luxury Bathroom designs
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  • Bathroom Renovation costs guide
  • Thinking of renovating your bathroom. You;ll need to get a handle on pricing. Get some knowledge so you know you are not getting ripped off.It can be a big expense. Home owners generally renovate a bathroom every 10 years or so.

A tentative budget can be starting at $10,000 and up to $30,000 plus.

Areas that effect the budget include:

  • Size of your bathroom
  • Materials you use
  • Labour costs

You can do a bathroom fitout for $5000 which will generally be a cosmetic makeover.

Want a complete renovations then it will cost more. This will always add value to your home as well.

Things to understand

  • Undertaking any structural work
  • Adding new features that require additional plumbing work
  • Moving of plumbing from one area to another
  • Replacing all wall and floor tiles

Educating yourself on costs long before you plan to do the renovation are important.

  • Then you can select the right professional people to get Quotes from.
  • Hiring a bathroom renovator
  • At the time you want to hire a contractor you need to make sure of some important steps.

Bathroom Designers
Our designers are highly trained professional and provide complete satisfaction to you as our clients. We endeavour to provide all the information in a easy to understand format.

We have a a number of industry leading designs along with adapting these to your ideas and concepts.

Our Tradesman are trusted professionals.

Expert Bathroom renovations
We Can Take Care Of Everything When It Comes To Your Home Renovations.

We are the Gold Coasts leading bathroom renovators in. We specialise in creating contemporary bathroom designs and bathroom renovations solutions for Gold Coast and Brisbane regions.

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  • Bathroom repairs
  • Bathroom repairs are a specialty as well. If you have plumbing that needs doing in some area we can fix it.
  • How long will my bathroom renovation take?
  • This questions will be governed by how small or large your renovation is.
  • A suggested time frame could be 1-4 weeks.

There are a number of things that may effect this.

  • structural works required
  • moving plumbing and/or electrical elements
  • large or small amounts of tiles to lay
  • unforeseen events, like weather or discovering asbestos in your walls or floors.

When planning and researching and setting your designs a minimum of 5-8 weeks as there are several things that will also effect this.

Some of this things are:

  • Development of design
  • Selection of materials
  • Quotes from different businesses and tradies for jobs
  • What tradies for my bathroom reno do I need?
  • Read on
  • A list of people you will need for the Bathroom renovation.

These are generally most of the ones you need to consider:

Bathroom builders

These do everything for you. This covers every area of the job, design, plumbing,waterproofing and everything in between.

Bathroom builders like us here at Bathroom Reno4U do this by having all the right tradies in our TEAM.

This is a great option. It take the headaches out of managing the project.

Want to mange the project yourself. Consider these

Help to design plans, ensuring everything is logically laid out to suite your lifestyle. YOu will be paying for the expertise.

Carpenters and Cabinet Makers
They assist in installing custom storage in your bathroom, such as a vanity, cabinetry or any other timber elements. This could include new doors.

They will assist in power points heating and lighting, ventilation and other components

They will paint areas that are not tiled. This will need to be done with moisture and waterproof paint.

The most needed tradie in the house. Choose one with an excellent track record.

Want the best looking and well finished tiles. Then you’ll need to choose a good one. Grouting and measuring tiles is important in the final look.

Waterproofers If Bathroom isn’t waterproofed properly then you’ll have big issues.

Bathroom Renovations 4U Gold Coast
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Hiring a Bathroom Renovator

At the time you want to hire a contractor you need to make sure of some important steps.

Make sure they are correctly set up for business and have client recommendations:

  • licensed?
  • insured to work in my home?
  • How long will my job take?
  • Provide a written quote?
  • references I can follow up?
  • Examples of your work?

Maxima Group of Companies

Bathroom Reno 4U is part of the Maxima Group of Companies.

Maxima group of companies encompass Financing, Investment, mortgage reduction, home renovation.

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