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Bathroom Extensions Gold Coast

How Big Is Your Bathroom?

If you are living in the Gold Coast of Australia and you are in desperate need for a renovation expert that will help you to extend the size of your bathroom and make it have much bigger dimensions and a much larger area size than it actually is at this present moment; you are in luck as your number 1 renovation expert, Bathroom Reno 4U Gold Coast will ensure that you achieve your bathroom extensions in Gold Coast and with little fuss and complication.

The size of your family may have gotten bigger or you intend working out an in-law suite from your home in order to cater for the needs of extended family members and guests. Whatever the case may be, our highly experienced and trained consultants and bathroom extensions Gold Coast experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your home and see how an extension of your bathroom may be achieved, so that you can have more bathroom space for your large family and house guests.

New or Old Home

It does not matter whether you own a newly built home or an old home, once approval for your bathroom extension renovation work has been secured from the relevant government authorities, we will proceed to work out the structural modifications that need to be done in order to successfully extend your bathroom.

The extension of your bathroom may also involve an extension of your plumbing line, electrical, and heating and cooling systems. All these will be incorporated in the design plan and nothing will be taken for granted or ignored to ensure a successful extension of your bathroom.

Our competence extends to both new and older homes, bathroom extensions can be made outwards, where the bathroom extends beyond the walls of the main building or inwards. Where the bathroom extends to other rooms within the building, for example, part of an adjoining room can be cut-out to form the bathroom extension.

Best Services from the Best Professionals

In ensuring that we carry out a successful job of extending your bathroom, we will deploy the highly skilled services of our team of professionals, consisting of architects, structural engineers, interior designers, plumbing experts, electrical installers, cooling and heating system experts, and masons.

Each professional has a role to play in making sure that the bathroom extension project will be done with little complication and within the confines of the proposed budget. What you get from us is a complete general contracting service delivery, we are fully responsible for the project, and we carry the blame or praise for its failure or success respectively.

Let us take care of bathroom extension in the Gold Coast today; there is no other renovation expert with the requisite experience, skills, and portfolio of achievements as us. Our rates are equally impressive and highly competitive. Give us a call today and talk to a consultation to get an idea of the cost implication of extending your bathroom. We are available for on-the-spot assessment as well.

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