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Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Providing Expert Commercial Bathroom Renovation Services in The Gold Coast Area

Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Quality Not Quantity

As a commercial entity, you have a steady inflow of prospects and clients into your establishment. This puts tremendous pressure on your facilities, particularly your bathroom facilities.

If you do not make use of quality bathroom fittings that can stand the test of time and the rigours of frequent use, you will end up spending a princely sum on repairs and replacements. Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast will provide you with quality commercial bathroom renovations that can serve you for a very long time indeed.

The usually commercial bathroom fittings that are prone to damage are your faucets, taps, and toilet flushing and shower system. If you own a hotel that receives guests daily, it will be worthwhile to have your bathrooms equipped with hard-wearing fittings that will save you lots of money in the long-run.

Your Number 1 Commercial Bathroom Renovations Expert

We are competent in the renovation of commercial bathrooms and our expertise includes the renovation of fully en-suite bathrooms, small and large independent bathrooms for large, medium, and small-scale commercial enterprises, such as; guesthouses, motels, hotels and office buildings.

Our bathroom renovation covers all aspects of your commercial bathroom, including your walls, floor and of course, the type of fittings preferred. An assessment of your commercial building bathroom will be carried out to see the extent of work needed and to determine the feasibility of the work required before a quotation is given to you and definitely before work commences.

No two commercial buildings are exactly the same, so we treat each case specially and recommend the most viable, tough, durable and aesthetically attractive wall tiles, floor tiles and bathroom fittings available.

High Traffic Bathrooms

Our services also extend to very high traffic bathrooms like those of shopping malls, airports, cinemas, schools and hospitals. We ensure that every single material used is of the highest possible quality and standard, no inferior fitting will be recommended, so as to avoid revisiting newly renovated commercial bathrooms in a short period of time.

High Short-Term Expense Leads To Long-Term Cost Benefits

The cost of very good quality materials and fittings are on the high side, but that will be a small price your establishment will have to pay in ensuring its long-term financial goals. You do not have to worry about frequent repairs and maintenance costs, as that would have been eliminated from the onset with high-quality bathroom materials and fittings, saving you lots of money in the long-run.

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You can get a quotation done for you today, our commercial bathroom renovation experts will assess your bathroom(s) and make their recommendations on how it can be modified for efficiency and durability. Based on their recommendations, a highly competitive quotation will be sent to you for your perusal and vetting. You can also be sure that all our quotations are one-time quotes and no extra costs will be suddenly provided to you during the course of renovation or afterwards.

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We Provide Expert Commercial Bathroom Renovation Services Throughout The Gold Coast

I happened to be at my cousins last week in Robina just after he had your team install a frameless glass shower with glass subway tiles and it looked flawless! I’m in the building industry in the US and we needed to get our installers to come and train with you all for a bit! Kudos to your company for such good work.” – John Cristaldi

“Very impressed with the team at Bathroom Renovations 4U Gold Coast. They did an excellent job on my bathroom recently and made the whole process very simple. The staff were very friendly and they were reasonably priced. Awesome work!” – Cole Lightfoot